Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

I am a Host? What all can I do?

Share all your wedding events with your guests.
Send them locations, directions, date and time.
Keep sending them alerts when needed.
Share the important contacts in one place.
Collect all your guest photos in one place. Cherish them forever.
You can choose to run the slideshow of your guest pics. Make it fun for them.
Guests who could not attend your wedding can see you wedding in real time.

Will my guests use it?

Guestie makes it really easy for the least tech savvy of your guests to download and use the app. In just one click, user is all set to be part of your wedding.
A more selfish and totally valid reason is that guests also love to see other people’s photos. Let’s accept it, We’ve all been there. Your friend posts their wedding photos, you’re sort of scanning to see if you made it in them. Isn’t it ?

What if a bad photo is shared?

Your guests can delete the photo posted shared by them anytime. Also, you can assign moderator role to few users, who can delete any photo anytime. One click and it is deleted from everyone’s feed instantly.

Not just this, if needed, these mdoerators can block a user to post any more photos and later unblock if needed.

Our venue may have limited network. Will this work?

Yes! Guestie takes care of photo uploads on minimum or no network.
Guests can upload the photos and we will keep trying to upload it as soon as your network is restored.
Also, failed uploads will have an option to retry the upload with a single click.

I am a guest? What all can I do?

Absolutely Free to join the wedding.
Get all the event details upfront.
Get locations, map links, date, and time.
Get real time alerts before and during the events. Do not miss a single moment.
Find the contacts of the organizing team in one place.
Share all your pictures with your hosts and other guests. Also, save pictures clicked by others.

We already have a photographer so why Guestie?

We are sure that your photographer is going to be AMAZING, but they cannot be everywhere, no matter how big their team is.
Guestie turns all your guests into your photographers and you get to see your wedding through their eyes. Guestie stores all those photos for you, which you can later download and do not miss out any single moment.

Why is Guestie better than hashtags or whatsapp?

92% of the pictures posted from wedding on social media do not reach the hosts. Also, not everyone is comfortable posting it on their social media.

You may create multiple WhatsApp groups with some of the guests but not all. Pictures shared on those groups are compressed to an extent that it can’t be reused.

Who owns the rights to the photos?

You own the complete rights to all your photos. We store the photos on our servers during the duration of our services but we will never use it for any other purposes.

Once you download all your photos and the service duration is over, we delete your photos from our servers.

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